Flood Risk in England – ‘Climate Change Allowances for Planners’ Updates

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The previous Environment Agency guidance document ‘Climate Change Allowances for Planners’ published in August 2013 has been withdrawn as of 19th Feb 2016. New climate change allowance guidance has been issued at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/flood-risk-assessments-climate-change-allowances. For fluvial flood risk, climate change allowance is no longer set at +20% which could potentially reduce the number of viable development sites.

Early engagement with Flood Risk experts will help to minimise development costs associated with the new guidance, which is now applicable to all future projects in England and those yet to be submitted and validated by planning (as of 19th February 2016).

Waterco have produced a brief overview of the changes. Please click the following link to view the PDF document: Updated Guidance for Applying Climate Change Allowance for Flood Risk in England (PDF).