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Drainage Strategy


A complete Drainage Strategy report and calculations carried out in accordance with the appropriate planning policy (NPPF, TAN15 or SPP).

If you require a Drainage Strategy accompanied with a Flood Risk Assessment, please see our FRA product pagea bundle offer discount is available.

Delivery details:
Format: A PDF report issued electronically (via email or ShareFile). A paper copy will be available upon request.
Timescale: within 5 weeks of receipt of information (if applicable – please see the ‘Information Required’ section below for details). If you need the report sooner than this, please contact us to discuss.


Drainage Strategy Deliverables

  • Review existing conditions including sewer plans, British Geological Survey information and topographical information
  • Review LLFA drainage policies
  • Submit developer enquiry to LLFA
  • Analyse existing and proposed impermeable areas
  • Calculate existing runoff rates (excluding existing drainage system modelling)
  • Assess method of surface water runoff disposal (soakaway / watercourse / sewer)
  • Establish surface water discharge rate in consultation with the LLFA / sewerage undertaker
  • Estimate required attenuation volume using Microdrainage software
  • Advise on suitable forms of SUDS
  • Advise on drainage system maintenance measures
  • Advise on surface water treatment methods
  • Establish method of foul water drainage
  • Prepare concept drainage sketch (where development plan is available as dwg. format)
  • Prepare Drainage Strategy report

The fixed fee shown based upon your selection excludes the following:

  • A Flood Risk Assessment (we offer a bundle discount price if you order a Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy together, please see our FRA product page for this option)
  • Additional Microdrainage simulations (additional fee per additional discharge point)
  • Analysis of infiltration tests
  • A Sewerage Undertaker developer enquiry.   A member of the Waterco team will contact you to establish if a Sewerage Undertaker developer enquiry is necessary.

If you require any of the above in addition to the product selected, please contact us to arrange a quote tailored to your needs.
The fixed fee includes:

  • Sewer plans (purchased from the relevant water company)
  • Allows for one set of consolidated comments / amendments following first issue of report
  • Site Address
  • Development plans (if available)
  • Topographical Survey (if available)

A ground Investigation report (if applicable) may also be requested upon a member of our team reviewing your enquiry.