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Flood Risk Scoping Study


A Flood Risk Scoping Study report to determine the viability of a site for development. A full Flood Risk Assessment is still required for planning submission. We are able to offer a discount price on a Flood Risk Assessment if a Flood Risk Scoping Study has already been carried out on your site. Please get in touch for further details.

Delivery details:

Format: A PDF report issued electronically (via email or ShareFile). A paper copy will be available upon request.

Timescale: within 2-5 weeks of receipt of information (if applicable – please see the ‘Information Required’ section below for details). If you need the report sooner than this, please contact us to discuss.

  • Assess risk of flooding from fluvial / tidal sources using best available information including Environment Agency / Natural Resources Wales flood level data and SFRA
  • Advise on flood risk constraints to development
  • Advise on compliance with Planning Policy
  • Advise on further works required to support the planning application
  • Prepare summary report of findings

The fixed fee shown based upon your selection excludes the following:

  • A full Flood Risk Assessment
  • A developer enquiry
  • Flood Data
  • Detailed drainage design
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Surface water management section
  • Flood compensatory storage calculations
  • Flood Warning & Evacuation Plan
  • Site visits
  • Attendance of meetings
  • Ongoing discussion with statutory consultees following final report provision
  • Additional Microdrainage simulations (added fee per additional discharge point)
  • Analysis of infiltration tests

If you require any of the above in addition to the product selected, please contact us to arrange a quote tailored to your needs.

The fixed fee include:

  • Allows for one set of consolidated comments / amendments following first issue of report
  • Site Address
  • Development plans (if available)
  • Topographical Survey (if available)