Flood Risk Assessment

Waterco Ltd provides flood consequences assessment, flood risk assessment and flood risk reports.

Flood Risk Assessment Waterco provides flood consequences assessment, flood risk assessment and flood risk reports.

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A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is a method of analysing a variety of data and factors to assess the likelihood of future flooding and to give information about the sorts of measures that will help to minimise the effects should flooding occur.

Local Authorities are under pressure as the frequency and intensity of flooding increases, resulting in a greater demand for Flood Risk Assessment reports to support planning applications.  In addition, home and business owners who have experienced flooding want to know the probability of such a flood recurring and they too need access to FRA reports.

Since 2004, Waterco has been producing FRA reports for its clients across the UK providing clear, accurate, practical guidance to meet needs including: planning approval for developments, contributing to emergency response plans; supplying information to insurance companies to assess risk.

Waterco produces FRA reports to support the following:

  • planning applications
  • critical infrastructure and business continuity plans
  • individual property owners requiring information to help them protect their property

Flood Risk Assessment to Support Planning Applications

Waterco Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) have been utilised in planning applications for over many millions of pounds worth of developments.  These developments have been across sectors including: residential, commercial, retail, leisure, infrastructure and agricultural and have ranged from a single niche development to mixed-use, large-scale regeneration projects.  To date, 100% of Waterco clients seeking planning approval with input from our FRA reports have been successful.

Waterco FRA reports comply with UK development and flood risk planning policies and are produced following full consultation with the relevant statutory bodies. The requirement for submitting an FRA at planning stage varies between England, Wales, and Scotland:

Waterco’s specialist Flood Risk Department has experience of engaging with the Environment Agency (EA), Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and is adept at resolving issues that may arise during the planning process.  As well as highlighting risk factors, Waterco FRA reports are used to identify mitigating measures to reduce flood risk.
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Flood Risk Assessment to Support Critical Infrastructure and Business Continuity

Flood risk assessments by Waterco Consultants For businesses in flood affected areas, the risk from flood presents a greater threat to business continuity than the risk from fire.  There is evidence that 80% of businesses do not survive more than 18 months after a flood disaster, and that those that recover from such an event are those with robust business continuity plans in place. In addition, properties at significant risk from flood may be refused full insurance cover or be required to pay higher premiums. These factors mean that flood risk assessment and protection from flood are business critical issues in the UK today.

Waterco can provide a Business Continuity Flood Risk Assessment report detailing the practical measures that can be incorporated in a business to reduce risk by minimising disruption to people, property and trade.  Mitigating measures, to reduce these consequences, can be used to satisfy legal obligations to employees, the public and the environment.

The key benefits of having and implementing a Business Continuity Plan are:
  • improved resilience
  • improved insurance cover and/or reduced premiums
  • improved risk management
  • safer working environment
  • compliance with legislation

Waterco works with utility companies and businesses to assess flood risk to existing assets and propose appropriate protection measures – including flood defences, flood routing, passive and active asset protection and resilience.

The initial assessment work can include:
  • hydrology and run-off assessment
  • hydraulic modelling for fluvial, coastal or overland flows
  • assessing an allowance for climate change
  • reviewing all potential sources of flooding
  • flood and hazard mapping
  • creating/reviewing flood plans
  • recommending appropriate and fully costed protection solutions including assessing their cost-benefit
  • supporting/feeding into planning and consent applications
  • preparation of tenders for completion of necessary remedial or protective work.

Flood risk assessment for individual property owners

Following a number of flood events across the UK, many individual home and property owners are seeking support to assess their flood risk and help identify ways to protect themselves and their property for the future.

Waterco has helped its individual clients to protect their properties, reduce their risk and save money.  A Flood Risk Assessment for an individual property details the practical measures that can be implemented to reduce risk to life and to minimise damage or disruption to people and property, such as Individual Property Protection or Property Level Protection (PLP) products. The key benefits also include improvements to insurance cover, reduced premiums, and improved saleability of property.

A Waterco Flood Risk Assessment for an individual property can include the following:
  • a site survey to identify the potential entry points for flood water
  • establishing the relationship of site levels to potential flood levels
  • research into data on past flooding incidents
  • examination of data from the Environment Agency relating to river levels
  • flood modelling using state-of-the-art software - MIKE FLOOD, Flood Modeller Pro or HEC Ras - as appropriate
  • reviewing existing flood defences
  • identifying emergency plans and warning systems
  • recommending mitigating measures.

Further information about flood risk assessment across the UK

To access planning policy documents and information regarding flood risk legislation for a specific region, click on the appropriate link:

England - NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework)

Wales - TAN15 (Technical Advice Note 15)

Scotland - SPP (Scottish Planning Policy)